Who’s Running this Ship?

Who Am I?

Me? I’m a bit ADD. Maybe a lot ADD. I’ve been lucky enough to be a very fast learner and someone infinitely interested in learning to do things for myself.

Buy bread from the supermarket? Nah! I can make that myself!

Pay good money for a knitted hat or scarf? No thanks! I’ll whip that up in a few days.

Jeff and Annie still haven’t gotten together? I’ll fix that with the magic of Fanfic!

Start my own garden? Still working on that one. I got an infested bag of soil and have been battling the dreaded Fungus Gnats for almost a year. Buy hey, I’m trying!

This site is a collection of my creative efforts; knitting, jewelry making, cooking, baking, horticulturing (pretty sure that’s sort of a thing), writing and anything else that pops into my head.

I love to teach and learn, so if you have any questions, suggestions, polite comments, etc, let me know!

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