Is Productive Procrastination a ‘Thing’?

As I sit here, finishing binding off my third hat, fifth knitted item in about a week, I have to wonder if Productive Procrastination is a thing. I mean, I’m getting things done. They’re just not the things I need to do.

For one, I need to start sewing in the ends on all 30+ hats and 10 or so cowls. I also need to decide which pieces of jewelry I want to take with me, and whether I want to make more stitch marker sets.

I also need to do my HW and participate in the discussion boards for my two online classes.

Oh, and do my actually daytime job.

It’s just…look at them! All wintery and squishy and oh so chic! How can I say know to these colors, these textures, these obvious distractions from equally important work? How, I ask you?!

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