Craft Fair Prep is in Full Swing!

I’m terrible at selling online. I’m not on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. Heck, I never joined the MySpace bandwagon. The only two sites you’ll find me on are LinkedIn because I’m soooo professional (read that in Abed Nadir’s sarcastic voice) and Instagram because people make very pretty things.

So right, terrible at selling on line. But it turns out, I’m not so bad at selling in person. I did one craft fair in a small brownstone with loud music, strange, dark fluorescent lighting and a music stage less than 15 feet away. It was weird. I did. however, manage to sell $100+ in merchandise in the first 2 hours and got an online sale. I was feeling really good about myself. Unfortunately, that was the least expensive one I could find and my dreams of doing craft fairs were put on hold until now.

I’m doing another one! This year, I did it the proper way (I’m looking at you, Craiglists) and did all my research. I applied for a Temporary Street Fair License and everything. I’ve been accepted! Now, it’s a mad dash to sew in ends, block 30 hats and create some last minute low price items.

All I can say is, YES!! And uh oh. Because I still don’t have a plan to up my Etsy sales and I don’t advertise much….or at all. So do I only sell at the end of the year? That seems like a silly plan and yet, I just don’t have the heart to do the networking it takes to build a presence. Maybe that means I don’t want this bad enough and I think I’m okay with that. For now.

Let’s see what happens after Oct 29. I’ll keep updating until then!

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