Operation: Family Fun

This summer, my husband and I were lucky enough to be able to host our niece for two weeks. We’ve never actually been responsible for a child before, especially someone else’s. We were excited but probably over-nervous; did we have enough food? Plans? Time?

The answer to all of those is no, but we’re good on the fly and pretty darn creative people. Which brings me to this fancy pants packet you see here.

You see, my family is one of dorks. I knew immediately that I wanted this to feel like a top secret mission – we even tried to keep it a secret. My dad ruined that, but still, getting this mission brief in the mail was unexpected for my little Yummy (that’s her nickname and codename) and she was stoked to come stay with us.

On the itinerary? Yoga at Loom Studio, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, a trip to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure, a trip to Austin and of course, waaaayyy too much food to list. We had a few bumps, including missing our first flight but overall, a super cool family trip with a suave spy twist.

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