Stashbusting Project – 5 Colored Variegated Hat


So, a few weeks ago, I gave myself a challenge: Knit hats in solid colors. You can see how successful that was.

Instead, I present to you a stashbusting, color having, super snuggly, absolutely beautiful hat! I started this over Labor Day weekend, thought oh, I’m just going to use the two yarns, and then thought, welllllllll.

You see, other people are using crazy color combinations. I have, with varying levels of success, tried mixing and matching. I figured I’d just do the grey, cream and neon red but then the unthinkable happened – I ran out of yarn! So my husband and I debated between finished up with yellow or blue. I wasn’t too sold on the blue next to the red, so I went with the yellow.

And then the unthinkable happened, again! I ran out of yarn. Luckily, I felt it coming and backed the remainders of the blue skein. All in all, I went through 5 mini balls of yarn and put a nice little dent in my stash.

Plus, the hat looks badass next to Shell Silverstein and my succulent friends.

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