Colorblock and PomPoms!

I have been getting a little bit crazy with all of the colorwork that I do. So much so that I had to challenge myself to knitting a few solid pieces. I made it through one hat. Let that sink in. Less than 20% of the items I knit are monochrome. And it might not even count, because they’re tweed!

This guy is from my #CraftDamnItCraft challenge I held earlier this year. Me and a few friends attempted to create something new every day for 30 days and we could only do a WIP of a project once.

20160212_173908These two entries – the before and after of this awesome tri-color pompom hat – are some of my favorite! Not only was it a great stashbuster, I gave myself extra brownie points because this is my first multi-colored pompom. Lots of things happening here!

An even extra bonus is that this was a great way to try out new color combinations with leftover yarns. I never make the same thing twice and I don’t work from patters, so I always have yarn that I don’t know what to do with.

This hat was the start of some really adventurous knitting in the future and an experiment with fringe (insert ooohsss and ahhhhs here). I can’t wait to post more!

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